Read & Comment on Our Story

This is a true accurate Account of our
House Fire on 20th August 2005
And our dealings with
AXA Insurance Company and Their Appointed Agents.
Gab Robins Scully Tyrrell Ltd

Policy No 12/16/208930607

Ref No 05/2235118 Mary & Patrick Ronan

For the attention of the following:

Edwin Armitage
Niall Pritchard Gab Robins Scully Tyrrell Ltd
Mr Philip Doyle AXA Insurance
J.P.O'Neill (Chief Executive) AXA Insurance
D. Holt (UK) AXA Insurance
M.A. Cassels AXA Insurance
P. G. Healy AXA Insurance
P. Hubbard (UK) AXA Insurance
P. Maso (FR) AXA Insurance
F.De Meneval (FR) AXA Insurance

Why are you trying to Scam Us.

Do you treat all your customers this way.
We Honestly could not recommend you.
On the 20th August 2005 our 4 bed bungalow was destroyed by fire
and all our possessions accumulated over a period of 33 years
were totally lost.
We rang AXA insurance on the following Monday to report the loss
as they do not have a weekend service.
They duly sent their people to the scene where they took photos ,and details
of all the remains of our belongings ,and the structure of the house.
At this stage my own Assessor who I engaged to look after my claim
requested an interim payment for the purchase of clothing ,accommodation etc etc.
Our assessor advised my Wife and myself to try and put a list of contents together .
AXA insurance appointed Gab Robins Scully Tyrrell Ltd. (Limerick)
as their loss adjusters.
The person appointed by Gab Robins Scully Tyrrell was Edwin Armitage

The AXA slogan

AXA and You. Perfect Together.

True or False you be the judge.

They Should Change it to

AXA Scam You Perfect Together

Three weeks later we received a cheque on account
for 15,000 euro after several phone calls.
A couple of weeks after the fire Edwin Armitage told us we could clear out the house
but to keep all the clothes and the remainder of my large collection of clocks and watches for inspection. Approx 550
These clothes were all smoke and water damage and were stored in 30 plastic bags in a shed.
Months went bye and no news as to when we could start to re-build our home.
Nobody turned up to inspect the clothes etc despite waiting at the
house on a number of occasions on the instructions of Edwin Armitage.
Eventually in November 2005 they sent us an interim payment to start the Re-Building.
I could have been finished building by then and not have to spend
our first Christmas away from home in 58 years.
Edwin Armitage requested that we have the TVs checked to see
if they were working and what guarantee could be got from the dealer.
We contacted a company in Limerick and duly had the TVs delivered
from storage to their premises for inspection.
I spoke with the owner and told him I only wanted to have them checked
and a letter in writing for the Insurance co stating if they could be guaranteed.
Without our knowledge:

The owner contacted Edwin Armitage The AXA Agent and asked him what to do (None of his Business)
And Edwin Armitage told him to repair the TVs.
The owner then phoned me asking for money before he would release
them back into storage I asked what guarantee would he give if they were repaired and he said he could not even guarantee he would be alive tomorrow. Some Cowboy at that point I was informed of what Edwin Armitage had done.
Eventually the Insurance co agreed to sell the TVs to this repair
man and to allow us the cost of new TVs. some were already new.
Received a few phone calls from Edwin asking where the remote controls
were as the TVs would be useless without them, I replied that they were
probably in storage with other items.


A few days later I phoned Edwin to ask if I could dump the
clothing as they were beginning to smell.
He said I could dump all the clothes and keep the clocks and also warned me that
I did not have the authority to contact him without going through my own assessor.
He had no problem phoning me about the remotes did he.
Christmas came and went and no news on the contents so I wrote a letter
to my assessor complaining and he forwarded a copy to the Insurance Company.
Then I was informed that after nearly 5 Months and no offer on the
contents and no help what so ever from Edwin Armitage that he had
been removed from dealing with my claim. (This Fact they denied later)
The job was now given over to Edwins Boss a Mr Niall Pritchard. (AS Overseer)
We taught at last we would be able to finalise the contents.
We were totally wrong.

Early in January My Wife and I met with Niall Pritchard,Edwin Armitage, and My own Assessor
to discuss the prices for the contents.
At that meeting Niall Pritchard agreed that all the clothes would not be assessed as old
as we had just come back from Poland and had purchased new clothing etc
He said that he would ask AXA to finalise the contents claim except for
the clock collection and some Books and my record collection.
He further stated that my clocks ( approx 550) Books approx (300) and 1500 old Music Records would be valued as individual items and not as collections as they
were bought over a period of 35 years
He then went on to say we have a dirty job before us now to inspect the clothes
He did not even know that his Employee Edwin Armitage had already told us
to dispose of them several weeks before that.
Another few week passed and we were informed that AXA would not agree to pay the balance leaving out the above items. They wished to settle the claim in full.
They then some weeks later they made us an offer of less that 50% of the value with a take it or leave it attitude. and Philip Doyle of AXA informed me not to contact him again but to go through my accessor. We pay our subscription to AXA and not the accessor have we no rights.

It is now the 26th Feb 2006 and our home is almost re- built
no thanks to AXA or their Agents.
We now have to try and finance the furnishing of the house as they have
not given my Wife or myself anything towards the contents.
They did however give us the sum of 30,000 euro toward my
Daughters and sons belongings as they were building new houses
at the time and all their possessions were also lost.
So my Wife and Myself who are on disability pensions have to get finance to
finish the building as AXA hold back a Percentage until we can prove that we spent it on the house.

We also have to furnish the house such as beds, wardrobes, carpets,
clothes, bed clothes and general household items.
We have supplied AXA and their agents all the documents ,
photos prices  etc  that they requested several months ago.
So we assume we are not humans only numbers.
Well for reference our number is 05/2235118

We had to pay the storage company by visa in order to get our kitchen appliances out of storage.
I have also received a Solicitors letter from The Limerick Fire Service for charges.
When are AXA going to pay.
You can view photos of Our Home before and after the fire and also some
of the vast amount of items lost in the fire

AXA Insurance have stated that we have cover of the amount of 120,000 0n our contents
this is not correct as our policy states that the contents are unlimited
and to prove this we list below our renewal notice for2003 2005 and 2006

Your Insurance

Please pay your premium to: 47 O'CONNELL ST. LIMERICK (061) 315544
Your policy falls due for renewal on the date shown
Sum Insured/Limit Premium 1 Buildings Contents Motor Policy
Discount Combination Discount Age Discount Renewal Premium
ex Gov Levy 2% Government Levy Total Due
Buildings €220000
Contents Unlimited

Please pay your premium before the renewal date shown, to:
(061) 315544
Your policy falls due for renewal on the date shown. Policy Number 12/16/208930607
Renewal Date 08 DEC 2005
Class of Insurance Home Insurance Section Sum Insured/Limit Premium
Buildings Contents Motor Policy Discount Combination Discount
Age Discount Claims Experience Loading Renewal Premium
ex Gov Levy 2% Government Levy Total Due
Buildings £242550
Contents Unlimited


This Schedule is attached to and forms part of the Policy numbered below.
It replaces any previous Schedule which may have been issued in connection with this policy.
Policy Number: 12/16/208930607
Period of Cover: From 00:01 on 08/12/2005 to 24:00 on 07/12/2006
Renewal date: 08/12/2006

Sum insured Buildings €242,550 Yes -
Total value of contents insured Unlimited cover
Accidental Damage Cover Not Operative
PERSONAL POSSESSIONS: Unspecified Risks - No Specified Risks -
No Endorsements applicable. You would pay: €125 Incorporating
PMPA Insurance DirectOrs J.P O'NeilljChief Executive), D. Holt (UKI. MA Cassells,
PG. Healy. P Hubbard (UKI. P Maso (FRI. F. De Meneval (FR).

AXA Insurance Limited is regulated by the Financial Regulator

Would this be classed as SCAMMING, CHEATING

(i) Our policy states unlimited contents cover.

AXA say limit of 120,000 euro

(2) AXA agents agreed to price my clock, books,records,watches as individual items
(3 Witnesses to that fact)

AXA now say they will be classed as a one item collection

(3) AXA agreed to 12 months alternative accommodation My agent can verify this

Now they say 29 weeks

(4) AXA paid a so called clock expert to put a price on my clock collection.
(The ones that the fire brigade left behind)

They were asked to price on the basis of them being in good condition.
The valuer was shown about 60 clocks and various wrist and pocket watches including 5 silver pocket watches dated about 1890
He was shown an album I had with about 300 clocks taked in a previous
house approx 18 years ago.

He was shown photos of other clocks that were destroyed.
The majority of the clock collection comprised of old wind up type

His report states the majority would date from the 1950s with the exception of a few.
The main types of clocks were battery ,
Said he saw one old silver pocket watch early 1900
Valued Silver pocket watches at 20 euro early 1900
Original clysdale  budweiser clock he did not know the value.
ladies solid gold watch approx 80 yrs old his comment was that a woman
now days would not wear them.

Lets Correct His Report

He glanced at approx 60 burnt clocks out of over 500
20 watches including 5 silver pocket watches
The vast majority of my collection were old wind up clocks
and key clocks as were the pocket watches

You can view the clocks & watches he saw in my album as Marked

Where would you get a 1890 silver key wind up pocket watch for 20 euro


I put my story on a web page and sent it to AXAs Agents and to AXA Insurance.
My email to AXA was returned by a mail sweeper attached to their web site
So much for customer relations.
We feel AXA and their Agents and some of their Staff are guilty of breach of Contract ,misconduct and bordering on defamation of character. (DO YOU)
Some time after this AXA sent us the final payment on the
Buildings without asking for any or all the building receipts
which they said originally that they would want before they
would release the final payment.
They also sent us a cheque on the contents which amounted to approx 30% of what we claimed.

For the record we would like to state the following:
The majority of prices we submitted for both my
own and my wife's possessions were taken from Ebay sites
We never claimed anything except what we lost moreover
we omitted to claim for several items like kitchen table
and chairs 600 euro value Water softener 1200 Euro
value wedding albums and lots of small items that we did not think of.
If we were dishonest we could have taken advantage of the unlimited contents clause.
My daughter and her husband also lost all their possessions as did my son.


We wrote to AXA thanking them for both cheques and stating that we at no time agreed to the contents claim and as far as we were concerned this was only an interim payment.
They duly sent us a reply saying if we can prove our loss they would look at it.


We have sent them all the documentation, Photos,prices etc etc that they asked for but they still do not seem to want to do the honest thing and HONOUR their policy agreements.
We have requested through our agent some weeks ago for an itemised list of what they have allowed us for each item claimed and when we get this we will give you the readers a chance to see what they think you can buy personal and household goods for.

We would like to thank you for reading this in the hope that others will not have the same trouble in dealing with arrogant faceless Insurance Companies.
All your comments will be appreciated.

Up to 2nd of May 2006 in the 9th Month since the fire.

Continuation of our story Dated 25th January 2007

Up to the 5th August 2006 we had three offers all adding up to much the same.
They just revised some items and deducted more from previous offer and made no offers at all on several items.
That was when they told us to go to arbitration.
So we had to hire a solicitor to make matters worse.
The solicitor wrote to AXA Insurance Co on 4th August 2006 requesting them to nominate three choices for an arbitrator.
They replied on the 18th Sept 2006 stating they had passed it to their own solicitors.
No more communication until Philip Doyle of AXA wrote on 23rd November 2006 giving the name of their Solicitors.
Next communication was from AXA Solicitors to Our Solicitors stating they were having trouble contacting the correct person in AXA regarding our claim that was on 9th January 2007.
So from 4th August 2006 up to today the 25th January 2007 we managed to get their Solicitors Name.
(Are they not just plain incompetent I ask you)

I rang the dublin office to find out who was in charge of my case so I could inform my Solicitor who in turn could inform AXA solicitor.
Just to try and speed things up.
The person in Dublin office came back to me and said and I quote:
Philip Doyle said to tell you if you required and information go through your Solicitor.
So much for Ignorance.
Who was our contract with or do we loose all our rights.
They can pester us with their stupid letters but we are not allowed to ask a question.
I suppose that is what they call democracy.
Let me tell all you democratic people in AXA I will never stop till the day I die advertising this story. And if you close it down I will open it up again over and over.
Just look at the page views at the end:

I am in the process of adding more documents here for you the viewers to see.
I will tell you how they managed to have my policy terminated by some of their Incompetent Staff Both in Limerick and Dublin

See for yourselves how AXA Insurance
cancelled our Home Insurance Policy

The following Is How AXA Insurance Company had our
Home Insurance policy cancelled for whatever
reason you be the judge.

Letter No 1 dated 5th Oct 2006 from AXA

Phone No. 189028 28 22
5th October 2006
Policy No 208930607
Please: ­Check all the details on the enclosed schedule carefully
as this reflects the cover provided by your policy with effect
from 8th Dec at 00.01.If any of the information is wrong please
contact us at once on our service line 1850 28 28 22
Remember, should you have any queries our lines are open from
8am - 6pm Monday to Friday Thank you for your custom and we
look forward to being of service to you in the future.Remember,
should you have any queries our lines are open from 8am - 6pm
Monday to Friday
Thank you for your custom and we look forward to being of
service to you in the future.
Yours sincerely,
Michael Cullen
The forms were filled up and sent to
Dublin office the next few days

Letter No 2 Dated 1st November 2006 from AXA

Mrs Mary Ronan Cappagh Askeaton
Co Limerick
Wolfe Tone Street Dublin 1

Ref No:P208930607/001 Date:01 November 2006

Insured : Mrs Mary Ronan
Policy No : 12/16/208930607 Renewal Date : 08/12/2006

Dear Mrs Ronan

We refer to your Policy which falls due for renewal on the date shown above.

At present we are updating our records, and in this regard we require the enclosed proposal form fully completed and returned.

We shall contact you further on receipt of your reply.

Brian Kelly
Sent all the requested details to Dublin office the next week but they were sent back again looking for more info which we duly sent them.

Letter No 3 Dated 17th November 2006 from AXA

Mrs Mary Ronan Cappagh Askeaton
Co Limerick
Wolfe Tone Street Dublin 1
Ref No:P208930607/002 Date:17 November 2006
Insured : Mrs Mary Ronan
POlicy No : 12/16/208930607
Renewal Date : 08/12/2007
Dear Mrs Ronan
We refer to our letter of 01/11/2006 (copy enclosed)
and note that as
yet we have received no reply. If a reply is not received
before the above renewal date, we will assume
that alternative arrangements
have been made for your Home insurance and
your policy will be cancelled
from the renewal date.
No further reminders will be issued.
Brian Kelly
All documents asked for were handed into the Limerick Office
on 29th November 2006 by my Wife.
Once again I asked how much was my renewal so that I could pay.

Letter No 4 dated 14th December 2006 from AXA
Mary Ronan
Cappagh Askeaton Co Limerick
TEL.: (061) 315544
Date: 14 December 2006
Re: HOUSE Policy
Policy number 16/208930607
Amount O/S €1,278.40
Renewal date 08/12/2006
Dear Ms. Ronan,
We are writing to advise you that you may have overlooked to pay
your renewal premium. The above policy fell due for renewal
on the date shown and according too our records : the
premium-has not been received.
We are pleased to advise you that continuity of your policy cover will
be maintained where the payment received is prior to 01/01/2007, otherwise
your policy will lapse from midnight on 07/12/2006.
If your payment has crossed with this letter, please accept our apologies
and ignore this notice. However, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance
if you have any queries.
Yours sincerely,
Letter not Signed
This was the first notification of the annual amount received despite about 12 phone calls to Limerick and Dublin
After receiving this letter I personally rang Dan Pyke and he said and I quote :
1000s of letters go out with my name on them but I will look up the letter for you.
He said he did not know where they got the figures from
they were rubbish he said
Leave it with me and I will sort it out and get back to you.
Never heard from him again.
P.S. He said the amount was rubbish but it came from his office with his name on it

Letter No 5 Dated 16th January 2007
Mrs Mary Ronan Cappagh Askeaton
Co Limerick
Limerick Branch 47 O'Connell St. Limerick
Tel: (061) 315544
Ref No:P208930607/004 Date:16 January 2007
Insured : Mrs Mary Ronan
Policy No : 12/16/208930607 Renewal Date : 08/12/2007
Dear Mrs Ronan
We are writing to remind you that following the recent policy alteration an amount
of €457.76 remains unpaid.
Payment may be made by cash, cheque, or postal order. You may also pay by
credit/debit card, either by telephone or by calling personally to any of
our branch offices.
We would ask you to give this matter your early attention and we look
forward to receiving your payment.
Should the premium remain outstanding fourteen days from the date of this
letter, we may have to consider exercising our option of withdrawing cover.
We trust, however, this course of action will not be necessary.
If you have already paid, and your payment has crossed with this letter,
please ignore this reminder.
Yours sincerely
Branch Manager

At this stage after their Dublin office confirmed by phone that the
amount of 1278.40 euro Was the correct figure I had no choice but to secure alternative
Home Insurance elsewhere.

Letter No 6 Dated 30th January 2007
Mrs Mary Ronan Cappagh Askeaton
Co Limerick

Limerick Branch 47 O'Connell St. Limeric

Tel: (061) 315544
Ref No:P208930607/005 Date:30 January 2007

Insured : Mrs Mary Ronan
Policy No : 12/16/208930607 Renewal Date : 08/12/2007


Dear Mrs Ronan

We refer to our previous letter reminding outstanding premium of €457.76 under your request payment

As we have- not received your payment we must now inform you that
we are invoking the cancellation condition of your policy and give notice that all cover will cease and the Policy will cancel with effect from midnight on 11/02/2007.

If there is a lending agency noted on your policy they will be advised of the cancellation.

Yours sincerely


Branch Manager
Rang Dan Pyke on 1st Feb 2007 after receiving this letter and told him
that I was in contact with their Dublin office early January 2007 to
query the amount of 1278.40 as my Home Insurance was up
since 8th Dec 2006
and the lady I spoke to said that the figure 1278.40 quoted
was the correct figure.
He then said they had re assessed the figure (however no one told US)
I told him I had to get alternative Insurance because of the
way AXA were treating us and he replied I cannot comment on that
( Some Manager how are you)
The Lady in Dublin (If that is what you could call her)
Also went on to say that my figure for contents was very high and that
people could be claiming to have a boat in their garage when they did not etc etc
I found these remarks most offensive and bordering on slander
as she knew we had an ongoing claim with AXA and I informed her there
and then that we never claimed for anything that we did not have on the
contrary we omitted several items and most of our prices were taken fron
sites like EBAY
She went on to tell me she had moved into a new home recently and she
had her own contents Insured for 15000 and it was more than adequate
She then cut me short and said and I quote:
I should have been at home 10 minutes ago as I have a small child.
What was she trying to say to me I still wonder.
(Nice customer relations would you not say)

My contents were listed as 60000 which is not a huge amount

Today is the 2nd of February 2007 and I am just beginning to
advertise this web site. It is already listed in Google search plus
numerous other web sites.
Before I am finished they will understand what it means to
have principles and stand by them.
Because if you have none you are nothing.
Yes the money they owe us is important but having said that
knowing you are right and standing up for what you believe in
is just as important.

P.S. They must have an abundance of staff to spare because there has been at least 4 differnt people sending us letter regarding the above.

Update 11th March 2007 Final Conclusion to Claim.

Early in February 2007 while I was away in Spain recuperating from
a cancer operation etc a phone message was left at my home asking
me to contact Aine Sparks of AXA Insurance.
When I got home on the Sunday I phoned the mobile Number that was
left for me and spoke to this lady who requested a meeting with
my wife and myself to try and finalise the claim.
We agreed to the meeting and duly met Aine Sparks at our home on Monday 13th February 2007
The meeting lasted about 2 hours and after our discussion we agreed
on a final settlement figure for the contents. We would probably have got more if we could take them to the high court. After this she produced a pre written home Insurance policy in our names free of charge for 12 months
as a gesture for what AXA had done to us so it was all planned before the meeting.
Big Deal where was the written apology to my
Wife and Myself for 2 years of hell.
We can never say we were happy with what AXA and their Agents done to us and just hope that they might in future change the way they treat the people that keep them in their jobs.

I have left this web site up to finish our story and to be fair to all the people who have seen the web site.
We would like to thank all the people who have viewed this web site and feel without their support our claim would not be finalised.

Since our house fire in August 2005 she is the only person who has actually spoken to us as humans and not just a policy number.
The reason for this is that the people who own this type of arrogant Company
have no morals. (I would call them the rich jerks who get fat from other peoples misery.)
She also rang me a few days ago to say she had got back my album of clocks I had loaned to their agents and had requested the return of same over the past 12 months as it was the only record of what my clock collection looked like.
To end on a good note we have decided to donate the 1000 euro to the following charity:
Samaritans Purse. International Relief
42 Heather Road,Sandyford Ind Estate,Dublin 18

They do good work such as providing Homes,Livestock,School Supplies,Water filters etc to needy people.
eg: A home costs 375 euro
Water filters 60 euro each
School Supplies 80 euro

Again our deepest thanks to all who helped:
P.S. I received my album in the post today with the front and back
covers missing and alot of the photos also missing.
You may continue to vote for your charity and I will also donate to the winning charity.
The voting for this will close on 25th December 2007
Yes I am still very angry and will probably never get over what they done to us.
Therefore I am not going to take down my web sites for at lease the same amount of time they took to agree on our claim.
Maybe by then they will come to realise what it is like to be treated like SHITEEEEEEEE

Today the 18th april 2007 I asked a question in yahoo answers
should i take down this site now or leave it up to help
others from having the same experience as we had with
AXA Insurance Co.

All the replies stated to leave it up.
You can read them here:;_ylt=Ao5pfXgoI7L0chvQKNSlvfkgBgx.?qid=20070418131849AAhvXPP

More Answers from Yahoo Members

If you get a quotation for house or car insurance from Company A lets say for 1000 and you get the same quote from AXA for 1500 and you tell them you have a cheaper quote from
A they then offer it to you at A's price would that not be classed as scamming.What about all the people who never got a quote from A were they not scammed.
There are 1000s of different ways to get scammed.

Friday 18th May 2007
Received a phone call from that nice lady in
AXA Insurance
asking how I was etc.
She asked me if I would reflect on the
harsh words I have used about
AXA Insurance Co
here in my Blog and change it .
My answer was that anything I have said was the
truth and there are no words to describe
our feelings towards
AXA Insurance Co
for the way they treated us and probably alot
more of you good people out there.
I have no intention ever while I am alive
of changing
my views about this scum
Company AXA Insurance Co
or their Agents
Take my advice and steer clear of Scam Companies like
AXA Insurance Co
There was never any question regarding contents because we had photos of all items before and after the fire.
So why did AXA Insurance.
Gab Robing Scully Tyrrell.
Stokes Clocks & Watches Ltd.
All lie through their teeth to prevent us from
claiming what we were entitled to and had paid for.
God help all the other clients of this Scamming Company.
AXA Insurance Co
Are they even Irish.