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This is a true accurate Account of our
House Fire on 20th August 2005
And our dealings with
AXA Insurance Company and Their Appointed Agents.
Gab Robins ScullyTyrrell Ltd

Policy No 12/16/208930607

Ref No 05/2235118 Mary & Patrick Ronan

For the attention of the following:

Edwin Armitage
Niall Pritchard Gab Robins ScullyTyrrell Ltd
Mr Philip Doyle AXA Insurance
J.P.O'Neill (Chief Executive) AXA Insurance
D. Holt (UK) AXA Insurance
M.A. CasselsAXA Insurance
P. G. HealyAXA Insurance
P. Hubbard (UK) AXA Insurance
P. Maso (FR) AXA Insurance
F.De Meneval (FR) AXA Insurance

Why are you trying to Scam Us.

Do you treat all your customers this way.
We Honestly could not recommend you.
On the 20th August 2005 our 4 bed bungalow was destroyed by fire
and all our possessions accumulated over a period of 33 years
were totally lost.
We rang AXA insurance on the following Monday to report the loss
as they do not have a weekend service.
They duly sent their peo…